i slept all day so now im not all that sleepy frak


(「・ω・)「 here’s some shinies up for grabs for you, my friends!

since the announcement of an american diancie event, i thought it would be cool to giveaway this shiny little carbink to celebrate it! you can have little part of that diamond princess’ kingdom to party with! 

and because i postponed my last shiny giveaway, i’m adding the shiny roselia as a bonus addition in apology! 

two whole shiny for the price of one shiny: and that’s the great price of free!

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

as per usual there is a bonus to this giveaway if you happen to be following me. this time i’m throwing in a bonus ~mystery shiny~! so ~mysterious~

(۞ ͜ʖ ۞)

reblog between now and october 3rd, and single winner will be drawn on october 4th!

thanks for hanging around, friends!

♥_(•́ ω •̀」∠)_ ₎₎

as usual- play nice, play fair, have fun!


there  is  no  need  to  be  upset



step one: don’t be a dick


step two: failed step one


My favorite part of Phantom Blood is that Dio is such a spiteful little shit that he becomes a vampire just to one-up JoJo. It’s not that he even wants to be a vampire. He’s not an evil mastermind, he’s just a dick. That is hilarious to me.


By からば子
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

mom let me stay home today because i was like half-dead when she woke me up this morning

im kinda glad because all i did was sleep today and that helped a lot


lordy thats high, get some rest ok?

yeah, im gonna get some fruit or something cause i missed dinner

then im gonnna pass out

just took my temp and it turns out i have a 100 degree fever

guess im staying home tomorrow


when u start liking the antagonist 



the fact that I can’t grow horns is really cramping my style

i might be sick

hahah i feeel sick shit



im gonna lay in bed and read parasyte


im feeling better-ish now, so thanks guys

my eyes hurt now though, hahah„,